Tired of Dealing with a Faulty Breaker?

Tired of Dealing with a Faulty Breaker?

Rely on us for an electric service upgrade in the Bridgewater, MA area

Having your breaker trip constantly is frustrating, and could be a sign of trouble. Don't put up with a faulty electric system. Give your home a reliable power supply with an electric service upgrade from Kevin Burns Electrician.

Overloading your electrical system is dangerous and can even cause a fire. We can install a new 200 amp service panel to keep your power supply safe and consistent. Call or text 774-218-1288 today to arrange for an electric panel upgrade in the Bridgewater, MA area.

We can replace your old electrical panel right away

Not sure if you need an electric service upgrade? Here are some signs that the electrical system needs attention:

  • Your power goes out often
  • Your breaker trips frequently
  • Your outlets are hot to the touch

We offer both commercial and residential electrical services. Contact Kevin Burns Electrician today to schedule electric panel upgrade services in Bridgewater, MA or surrounding areas.